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Here at Mavericks Diving we believe that we offer an above-average service to our clients when it comes to choosing diving and snorkelling equipment. This reflects not just on our understanding of the applications of diving equipment, but also on our philosophies as to how life-support equipment should be sold

Our experience of diving equipment goes a little further than most. It uniquely includes developing testing protocols and carrying out consumer testing for the diving magazines Dive International and Dive. Our often innovative reviews recruited ordinary recreational divers to assess new products. Members of the Mavericks team, including Matt Crowther and Steve Warren, also wrote regular equipment selection features, with Matt later joining Dive full-time as technical editor. Those days are behind us now---others have very successfully taken on those roles. But what we learned through our years of involvement has been invaluable for our new retail venture.

This website lets you check out many of the features that Matt, Steve and others on the team authoured. You'll also find articles written specifically for Mavericks. These are longer than a magazine is usually able to carry, but contain more detailed information. These articles are designed to help you get a greater insight into key features of diving equipment. They are not specific to any brand or model. That's where visiting Mavericks comes in.

At Mavericks, you won't be rushed---which might also mean you have to hang around a bit. It takes time to go through equipment choices based on what is appropriate to your diving needs now and in the future. Some equipment, like BCDs, may not only need to be sized but may also require custom adjustments to suit your individual build. Regulators may need to have safe seconds and instruments attached, hose protectors fitted and mouthpieces changed. Passing you a box simply does not work for us. We work to ensure that you leave Mavericks with equipment that is both comfortable and safe.

We figure that if we do our job properly, you'll return...

Good diving,

The Mavericks team.

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